Fee/Time Schedule





The fees below and completion times are subject to change depending upon any unique characteristics of the property being appraised and any additional forms required. FHA fees are typically the same as URAR appraisals.



Counties Covered:




Completed after Inspection





URAR/1004 (a):




5 working days

1004C - Manufactured Home (a):




5 working days

2055/Interior Inspection (b):




4 working days






2055/Exterior Inspection (c):




3 working days






Vacant Land (d):




3 working days










(a) Full URAR (Form 1004 or 1004C): Includes photos (subject & comparables), sketch, map, plat, etc.

(b) 2055/Interior (Form dated 09/96): Includes photos (subject & comparables), sketch, map, etc. 

(c) 2055/Exterior Inspection (Form dated 03/05): Includes photos (subject & comparables), map, etc.

(d) Vacant Land (Form LND): Includes photos (subject only), plat, etc.



We currently send out reports in PDF Format or XML format. If a hard copy is requested, it will be added to the fee.


Fees and turn times for Field Reviews and Desk Reviews are contingent upon the report being faxed to us for a preliminary review. The turn time and fee will then be quoted after the receipt of the entire report. The maximum fee for a field review is the same as for a Full Appraisal for the same area.



If you wish to cancel an appraisal, you will only be charged for the time and costs incurred at the time of the cancellation.

Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and report, unless prior arrangements have been made.